Steps to File Form 2290 Online

1. Create or Sign In to your online account

If you need to file for more than one business (multiple EIN numbers), you can still use a single account. Our software platform is easy enough to use and enables you to manage multiple companies and EIN numbers with a single account.

Tax preparers please be sure to check the option Are you a Tax Professional (Paid Tax Preparer) This option enables paid tax preparers to file the 2290 return on behalf of their clients.

2. Add the business information

  • Click on the Add New Business button to begin.

The Business Name and EIN must exactly match the data on file with the IRS. You may call the Business and Specialty Tax Line and EIN Assistance at 800-829-4933 to verify the Business Name and EIN.

3. Start a new 2290 return

  • Click on the button, Start a new 2290 return to begin.
  • Select the tax year and the month first used date for the VIN's that will be reported on this 2290 return.

The month first used is the month the vehicle(s) was first used during the tax period. To file for the entire tax period select July.

4. Add the VIN(s) to the 2290 return as either a Taxable Vehicle or a Suspended Vehicle

  • Tax suspended vehicles designated as Category "W", also commonly known as low mileage vehicles, are vehicles that have been used on public highways that do not exceed 5,000 miles (7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles) during the tax period. These suspended vehicles are not taxed by the IRS. All low mileage/suspended vehicles must still be reported to the IRS.

5. Complete the 2290 return with our guided form

6. Review the 2290 return on the summary page

7. Pay and Submit the 2290

Our team will do all the heavy lifting to get the 2290 return e-filed with the IRS. Once we have approval from the IRS, we will instantly send you the stamped schedule 1 via email. You may also download the stamped schedule 1 from your account online.

When you receive the stamped schedule 1, you can print the document and take it to your local DOT office as proof that you have filed the 2290 return and the IRS has approved the 2290 return.

Our team of HVUT support specialists are waiting to answer your questions. Contact us to get your 2290 questions answered.